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Skewed Analytics Prevention

When does Website Analytics become skewed

Website analytics systems are designed to help understand traffic patterns and user behavior on a website. More than 50% of all traffic on the web is generated by bots. An effective analytics system needs to differentiate between the genuine human traffic and the bot traffic and give details of both types of traffic separately. Website analytics become skewed when the differentiation is not done and the bot traffic adds to the genuine traffic in the metrics. The results then show incorrect metrics, based on which, incorrect marketing decisions are made.

How InfiSecure prevents website analytics from becoming skewed

Using real-time bot identification, classification and blocking, InfiSecure keeps your website free from bad bot traffic. It rectifies your genuine traffic analytics on Google Analytics, and also provides complete bot traffic analytics on InfiSecure's bot analytics dashboard. This helps you understand your true website metrics, both genuine users and bot traffic, and make better decisions to have more meaningful marketing strategies and better spends.