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Price Scraping Prevention

What is Price Scraping

Price Scraping refers to real-time theft of pricing data from a website. These prices could be of products, services or both. Automated computer software techniques are used to steal this data in real-time.

Industries Affected

E-Commerce, Travel Websites and OTAs

Why is it done

Price scraping enables a business to look into the real-time prices of products listed on a competitor's website. This enables the business to do price comparison, offer better discounts and lower prices to attract and convert more customers. Real-time price competitiveness makes businesses generate more customers than their competitors.

What happens when your website is a victim

Price Scraping affects your business by reducing customer visits and conversions. Your prospect customers end up buying the products listed on your store from your competitors' website. This results into lower revenue and lower brand value for your business. You might also see a significant cost being incurred by the server to accomodate the scraping requests.

How to protect your website against Price Scraping

Your competitors, both established players and new, use automated scripts and harvestors to scrape prices from your website. Stopping them from doing so requires real-time identification of these automated scripts (commonly known as bots) and blocking them from accessing your website. InfiSecure combines the power of big-data with machine learning to offer price scraping protection as a SaaS service. With a quick 15-minute integration, InfiSecure starts identifying and blocking all scrapers on your website, with zero false positives.