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Form Spam Prevention

What is Form Spam:
Repeated submission of forms on a website to spam the website with fake leads is conidered form spam.
Industries Affected:
All websites that have form submissions
Why is it done:
It could be done to spam the website admin's and owners' emails with spam submissions. It could also be used to create multiple fake profiles, create fake listings, abuse discount coupons and perform other such activities that hurt the website's business.
What happens when your website is a victim:
If your website forms are programmed to send auto-mailers to your email, you will start receiving junk emails. If you own a classifieds or a listing platform, your website will start serving fake listings to genuine uers. Similarly, if you own a social platform, your genuine users will now start coming across more fake profiles.
How InfiSecure protects against Form Spam:
InfiSecure stops bot submisions on forms. This eliminates automated form filling and submissions, fake listing creations, fake profile submissions and other similar fake actions. If you have been experiencing form spam, a quick 15-minute integration can put an end to it.

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