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Content Scraping Protection

What is Content Scraping:
Stealing original content from a website to refurbish the content on other platforms amount to content scraping or web scraping. This is done on a large-scale using automated computer scripts that download original content and upload the same on new platforms.
Industries Affected:
Content sharing websites, News websites, Online media
Why is it done:
Original content takes high cost of development. Copying content with slightly modified texts eliminates the cost. Also, online media content like videos and images are scraped to generate more traffic on scrapers' websites.
What happens when your website is a victim:
In case your original content is getting stolen, your website will start ranking lower in search engine results. This will directly impact genuine traffic on your website as your readers / viewers will move to other platforms serving the same content.
How InfiSecure protects against Content Scraping:
If your website serves fresh content daily, the content might be getting stolen from your website every day by using bots. InfiSecure acts at the source where content scraping starts. InfiSecure integrates with your website easily and detects bots that steal content. In real-time, these bots get blocked before they copy your content.

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