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Click Fraud Prevention

What is Click Fraud

In the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, repeated clicks on an advertisement hosted on a website, with or without using bots, is referred to as Click Fraud.

Industries Affected

All online businesses that use online advertisements or traffic diversion from aggregators.

Why is it done

In a PPC campaign, a brand pays for the number of clicks that are made on its advertisement. Click Fraud is used to increase the number of hits on the advertisement to either drain the advertising budget of the brand or to increase the revenue of the website where the advertisement is hosted.

What happens when your website is a victim

Two major affects - Firstly, you pay for traffic that is not desired. So your ad spend does not result into good metrics for your brand. Secondly, your ad budget expires sooner than expected.

How InfiSecure protects against Click Fraud

InfiSecure's click fraud detection engine finds irregularities in your click metrics. It identifies all bots that click on your ads in real-time, and blocks them from accessing your page. It also detects fraudulent click behavior done by genuine human traffic and blocks the human fraudsters as well in real-time. InfiSecure takes fraud protection to next level by directly blacklisting fraudsters in your google adwords. A quick 15-minute integration makes your ad clicks safer and helps you make the best of your marketing spend.