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Brute Force Protection

What are Brute Force Attacks:
Hacking attempts at stealing user login credentials and key user details using bots.
Websites Affected:
All websites that have user login forms and collect and store user data
Why is it done:
Hackers use brute force attacks for two major reasons - Account takeovers and Carding fraud. After hijacking user accounts, fraudsters can access all personal data of the users, claim any rewards, make purchases and get involved in similar frauds.
What happens when your website is a victim:
The loss of brand value due to brute force attacks is huge as the customers' account gets compromised. Moreover, the reconciliation for loss of customers' reward points and other actions taken by the fraudsters is a big overhead.
How InfiSecure protects against Brute Force Attacks:
InfiSecure offers special protection against brute force attacks, on top of the scraping bot protection. InfiSecure detects brute force attacks at runtime and disables the bots used for such attacks. A 15-mminute integration helps websites keep user accounts secure.

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