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Bot Traffic Prevention

What is Bot Traffic

Web Traffic that is directed to a website using bots constitutes bot traffic. This traffic adds to the total purchased traffic but is made of only bot hits and no human users.

Industries Affected

All websites that buy bulk traffic

Why is it done

In the industry of buying and selling traffic, the buyer pays for traffic directed to buyer's website. Adding a percentage of bots along with genuine human traffic adds to the total traffic count quickly and helps sellers and intermediaries generate more business.

What happens when your website is a victim

If you are buying traffic for your website, you could end up losing a sizeable chunk of your spend to bots. Secondly, if you further redirect traffic from your website to other websites, these bots can propagate to your customers' websites. Also, you would need to spend a lot of server capacity to process the unwanted bad bot traffic.

How InfiSecure protects against Bot Traffic

InfiSecure's core engines detect and differentiate bots from genuine human traffic. The engines further classify the bots as good or bad based upon behavioral analysis. Once the bots are caught, they are blocked in real time. This helps in eliminating bot traffic, improving spend quality, improving server capacity and better metrics on your Google Analytics.