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Auction Sniping Prevention

What is Auction Sniping

Auction snipers or auction bots prevents human bidders from winning auctions by placing a bid likely to exceed the current highest bid (which may be hidden) as late as possible - usually seconds before the end of the auction - giving other bidders no time to outbid the sniper. Auction sniping also allows sellers to use bots to bid for the item to inflate the prices, making it impossible for genuine users to buy listed products at a reasonable price.

Auction bots frustrate auction companies when fraudsters steal bidder information from auction websites and offer to sell them the same items, they are currently bidding, thus drawing bidders away from the legitimate auction sites.

Industries Affected

All online auction and bidding websites

Why is it done

Online auction and bidding websites are increasingly getting crowded by software-controlled auction snipers or online bots. Auction snipers use bots to employ techniques like Shill Bidding and Bid Siphoning that help them create artificial demand for a particular product by unfairly inflating prices. Fraudsters contact bidders and offer to sell them the same item they are currently bidding, thus luring bidders off legitimate auction sites. Bots are used in bid siphoning to stealing the bidders' contact and bid information from auction sites.

What happens when your website is a victim

When your auction website is a victom of auction bot fraud, you will see a direct loss of business from inflated and unfair auction activity, reduced bidding transactins and low genuine traffic. Your auction webistes brand value will be damaged due to dissatisfied bidders. There will be privacy breach when auction snipers steal bidders' contact and bid information. Also, you would need to spend a lot of server capacity to process the unwanted bad bot traffic.

How InfiSecure protects against Auction Sniping

InfiSecure's bot detection technology helps differentiate auction sniping bots from genuine bidders. The engines helps you know if a bid is made by a bot or a human to eliminate the possibility of unfair bot auction activity. InfiSecure blocks bots to stop bid siphoning, protect your sellers and bidders contact and bid information and also increases website traffic from genuine bidders. InfiSecure also helps optimize server capacity and better metrics on your Google Analytics.