Realtime Bot Detection

Website security against malicious bots with the world's most sophisticated bot detection engine.

How InfiSecure Bot Protection Works

InfiSecure blocks bad bot traffic, while making sure legitimate users continue to access your website


Analyse millions of hits in real time, differentiate bots from human traffic


Deep dive on bot traffic with detailed classification of bad bots, crawlers and more


Real-time automated blocking of bad bot traffic with 24x7 active protection

State-of-the-art Bot Detection Engine

Our focussed R&D approach gives you the best bot detection, with zero false positives.

Known Violators Testing

Every hit gets tested against Proxy IPs, TOR Exit Nodes, Harvestors, Downloaders and other known violators.

IP Behavior Analysis

Our core IP behavior engine processes every hit across hundreds of rules, analyses IP location, Organization and other details.

User Behavior Analysis

InfiSecure analyzes user behavior, their website surfing patterns, mouse movements, keyboard strokes and other critical patterns.

Device Fingerprinting

Using custom technologies, InfiSecure accurately analyzes device level data to pin-point the source of bots.

Centralized Intelligence

Using big data technologies across our customers, we build a global centralized intelligence to facilitate faster bot detection.

Machine Learning Algorithms

Our machine learning algorithms create rules on the go for accurate detection of sophisticated bots.

Quick and Seamless Integration

We value your time, choose the deployment option that is best for your Website. No DNS redirection required.

API Integration

Use our ready cloud-based integrators to plug-and-play InfiSecure with your website.

Server Plugins

Deploy InfiSecure using our ready server plugins - Best suited for large enterprises.

On-Premise Deployment

Create end-point within your premises to achieve super-fast API calls.

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