InfiSecure - Overview

A robust security platform to detect and block online security threats

Protect Your Website Against Malicious Bots

Quick & Easy 15 minutes Integration with your Website
Real-time Accurate Detection of Bots using Advanced Engines
Auto-Identification of Good Bots from our directory of 3200+ Bots
Real-time automated action against bad bots and unwanted traffic

Real-time reporting on advanced bot analytics dashboard

Get insights on origin of different types of bot traffic

In-depth analysis of every bot that hits your website

Get detailed crawler analysis, custom reports and more

Real-time Bot Detection

  • Immediately identify and block malicious bot threats
  • Catch more bots using site specific behavioral machine learning
  • Distinguish bad bots from valid human & search engine visitors
  • Learn deep insights into each bot attack
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Content Theft Prevention

  • Maintain complete ownership of your intellectual property
  • Prevent content re-distribution and protect your Brand value
  • Maintain your single source of information and improve SEO rankings
  • Isolate bot traffic and present a high-quality user experience
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Price Scraping Prevention

  • Protect prices and listings
  • Maximize your competitive advantage
  • Increase sales leads
  • Maintain your unique selling point
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Brute Force Prevention

  • Defend your site from brute force attacks
  • Prevent account hijacking
  • Obfuscate your site from vulnerability attacks
  • Protect your user data from hackers
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Form Spam Prevention

  • Maintain a cleaner database of form submissions
  • Put your spam fighting on auto-pilot
  • Present higher quality marketing results
  • Save money by preventing and detecting click fraud
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Click Fraud Prevention

  • Get paid click identification and analysis
  • Optimize your daily ad spend
  • Recover lost money from Google advertisements
  • Improve CPC ratios and increase conversions
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