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Proud to be a #Tech30
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An effective plug and play bot protection solution

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Bot Protection Platform InfiSecure Raises $600K

InfiSecure - The Economic Times

InfiSecure sanitises a website's traffic and improves business metrics

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Eliminate suspicious bot behaviour in real time

InfiSecure - TechInAsia

Saves you from the bad bots swarming all over your website

InfiSecure - IamWire

Provides real time detection & prevention against scraping

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Raised $600k in funding from IDG Ventures and Axilor Ventures

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Protect your website from bot attacks

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Bot frauds have reached new heights, negatively impacting every online business

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The InfiSecure team is well placed to solve the bot problem

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Eliminates bad, unwanted or suspicious behavior in real-time

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Bot traffic hurts business and InfiSecure can help with this problem

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Fine-tune control over bot traffic on websites

InfiSecure - StartUp360

Cost-effective and technology efficient

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With evolving technologies, bot frauds have reached new heights

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Innovation is at the heart of InfiSecure's uniqueness

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InfiSecure - Robust Security Platform to Detect and Block Security Threats

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Secure your Online Businesses with Infisecure's Bot Protection Platform

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Robust Web Security Platform

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Upstart Biz 2k16 Winner: InfiSecure

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InfiSecure Technologies - Robust Security Platform

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