Protect Real-Estate Marketplace from Scraping

Online Housing Marketplace? Rental Accomodation listings? Booking Website? We've got you covered

An Online Marketplace in today's age faces abundance of bots disguised as genuine human traffic. These bots do more harm than good, and are often used for fraudulent activities like listing theft, web scraping, fake accounts creation and hacking into genuine users' accounts.

Your business thrives on new spaces and rent listings. Protecting these assets is of utmost importance. Your competitors, however, find newer bot patterns to scrape your listings away. Not only do they steal your listings, but also create fake listings on your website using advanced bots.

Fraud comes in many forms

Listing Theft

Your business' success depends on unique listings. Your competitors use web scraping techniques to steal those unique listings and post them on their websites.

User Data Theft

It gets serious when your user data is stolen by fraudsters for lead generation. Having user data brings huge responsibility of data protection and protection from hacking attempts, account hijacking, carding fraud and user data theft.

Fake Accounts & Bookings

Fake accounts and fake listings are created by miscreants to pull down your business. Fake listings can spoil a genuine customer's experience and hurt your brand image.

Get InfiSecure For Best Business Results

How InfiSecure Helps

Real-time Bot Detection

Defend your website against malicious bots in real-time and stay protected from online fraud

Listing Theft Prevention

Protect hotels and travel listings from web scraping bots. Maintain your IP and establish thought leadership in your industry

Price Scraping Prevention

Stop competition from stealing pricing data and convert more customers on your website

User Data Protection

Protect your website from hackers and scrapers that steal user data for generating leads

Block Fake Bookings

Eliminate fake profiles and fake bookings generated through bots and enjoy genuine traffic on your travel website

Brute Force Prevention

Stop hacking attempts, account takeovers and fake bookings through compromised accounts