Protect Online Media from Web Scraping

Protect your Media Content, Photos and Videos from Getting Scraped. Block Spam and Online Frauds

Does your business involve user generated content? Do you have photo-sharing and video hosting features? Don't let your competitors grab your content. Get protected now with InfiSecure Bot Detection Technology!

Online bots are a menace to websites that have user generated content. Some of the most common frauds include content theft, fake likes / dislikes and comments, fake profiles and user profile data theft. Each of these frauds impact the business in multiple ways, rendering the website to become non-user friendly.

Fraud comes in many forms

Content Theft

Your content gets seen when it is unique and shows above your competitors on search engine rankings. The same reason why your competitors scrape your content and post it on their own websites.

Server Overload

Over 50% of web traffic are bots. Did you know your server costs could go down significanty if you could identify and block these bots before processing their request.

Fake Accounts & Actions

Fake accounts, fake likes and spam comments are created by miscreants to promote certain users by unfair means using automated bots and scripts.

Get InfiSecure For Best Business Results

How InfiSecure Helps

Real-time Bot Detection

Defend your website against malicious bots in real-time and stay protected from online fraud

Listing Theft Prevention

Protect hotels and travel listings from web scraping bots. Maintain your IP and establish thought leadership in your industry

Price Scraping Prevention

Stop competition from stealing pricing data and convert more customers on your website

User Data Protection

Protect your website from hackers and scrapers that steal user data for generating leads

Block Fake Bookings

Eliminate fake profiles and fake bookings generated through bots and enjoy genuine traffic on your travel website

Brute Force Prevention

Stop hacking attempts, account takeovers and fake bookings through compromised accounts