Protect Dating, Webcam and Chat Websites from Bots

Protect your User Data. Block Fake Profiles and Spam Chats.

Does your business involve creation of user profiles and connections between users? Do you have chat enabled between users? Then your business needs immediate protection against bad bots trying to create fake profiles, generate fake messages and establishing fake connects.

Your business thrives on new and genuine users. A genuine user's experience on your platform can be spoilt by automated bots that fraudsters run to woo your customers away. Protecting your users from these fake profiles is of utmost importance. Also, protecting your user's data is critical for your brand. Learn how InfiSecure bot detection can help you fight online fraud.

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Fraud comes in many forms

fake account

Fake Profiles & Chats

Fake profiles and fake chats are created by miscreants to adversely affect your business and to divert traffic on to their platform. Fake chats can spoil a genuine user's experience and hurt your brand image.
user data theft

User Data Theft

It gets serious when your user data is stolen by fraudsters for lead generation. Having user data brings huge responsibility of data protection and protection from hacking attempts, account hijacking, carding fraud and user data theft.
screen scraping

Screen Scraping

Using web scraping techniques, your competitors steal your users' data available on the website. This information is then used for lead generation purposes.

Business Impact - What's at stake?

  • Loss of customer data, customer loyalty and brand value
  • Inefficient platform due to plentiful fake profiles
  • Incorrect metrics due to fake accounts and spam chats
  • Slow moving, poorly performing website for genuine users
  • Increased cost for bandwidth and server space

How InfiSecure Helps

bot detection

Real-time Bot Detection

Defend your website against malicious bots in real-time and stay protected from online fraud
block fake bookings

Block Fake Profiles

Eliminate fake profiles and spam messages generated through bots and enjoy genuine traffic on your website
block brute force attacks

Brute Force Prevention

Protect your website from hackers and scrapers that steal user data for generating leads

Robust security platform to detect and block security threats

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