Protect Auction and Bidding Website

Ensure Genuine Bidders on Online Auction and Bidding Platforms by Blocking Bidding Bots and Auction Bots

Online auction and bidding websites are increasingly getting crowded by software-controlled auction snipers or online bots. Auction bot fraud prevents human bidders from winning auctions and even allows sellers to use bots to bid for the item to inflate the prices, making it impossible for genuine users to buy listed products at a reasonable price.

Auction bots also frustrate auction companies when fraudsters steal bidder information from auction websites and offer to sell them the same items, they are currently bidding, thus drawing bidders away from the legitimate auction sites. This results in dissatisfied bidders who often blame the brand for lack of transparency. InfiSecure helps online auction and bidding websites know in real-time if a bid is made by a bot or a human to eliminate unfair bot auction activity.

Protect Auction and Bidding Website

Fraud comes in many forms

listing & content theft

Shill Bidding

Fraudulent sellers use automated shill bidding bots on auction websites to unfairly inflate the bid value of an item to be sold. Shill bidding is also used with no bids or interest from the buyers, creating an artificial interest on the item.
user data theft

Bid Shielding

Fraudulent buyers submit very high bids to discourage other bidders from competing for the same item, then retract their bids so that people they know can get the item at a lower price.
fake account

Bid Siphoning

Fraudsters contact bidders and offer to sell them the same item they are currently bidding, thus luring bidders off legitimate auction sites. Bots are used in bid siphoning to stealing the bidders' contact and bid information from auction sites.

Business Impact - What's at stake?

  • Reduced bidding transactions and genuine traffic
  • Direct loss of business from inflated and unfair auction activity
  • Damaged auction site's brand value due to dissatisfied bidders
  • Loss of bidders' contact and bid information to fraudsters
  • Skewed website analytics and mis-leading marketing metrics
  • Lowered search engine rankings and heavily hampered SEO
  • Slow moving, poorly performing website for genuine bidders
  • Increased cost for bandwidth and server space

How InfiSecure Helps

bot detection

Block Automated Bot Bidding

Know if a bid is made by a bot or a human to eliminate the possibility of unfair bot auction activity
content theft prevention

Stop Shill Bidding & Bid Siphoning

Block bots to stop bid siphoning, protect your sellers and bidders and increase website traffic
price scraping prevention

Protect Bidders Data

Block bots from stealing bidders' contact and bid information from auction websites
protect user data

Improve Website Analytics

Separate bot traffic from genuine bidder traffic and improve marketing decisions
block fake bookings

Optimize Server Costs

Block bot traffic and allow only genuine bidders to access auction site and reduce infrastructure costs
block brute force attacks

Brute Force Prevention

Stop hacking attempts, account takeovers and fake bookings through compromised accounts

Robust security platform to detect and block security threats

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