Protect Data Aggregator Website from Online Bots

Increase your aggregator website security by preventing bots attacks

Genuine Aggregator websites invest a lot of money and time in integrating the APIs of multiple online businesses to make the necessary content, deals, coupons, products and prices available for the user on a single website. All this aggregated content could be scraped by new aggregator startups who try to replicate their aggregated data and affect the business competitive edge in real-time. Online bots also bring other risks such as user data theft and brute force attacks on genuine aggregators.

Unauthorized access to genuine websites by automated means will only increase as the sophistication of scraping software improves and aggregators continue to enjoy easy profits in taking others' work. InfiSecure blocks unauthrorized web scraping and aggregator bots before they scrape your web content and enagage in bad bot activity.

Protect Data Aggregator Website from Online Bots

Fraud comes in many forms

listing & content theft

Web Scraping

Competitors are always on a run to scrape aggregated product listings and pricing in realtime to divert visitors from original website.
user data theft

Customer Data Theft

Customer data is stolen by competitors and fraudsters for lead generation. Having user data brings huge responsibility of data protection and protection from hacking attempts, account hijacking, carding fraud and user data theft.
Hacking Bot Protection

Vulnerability to Hacking

Online Retailer and other companies will not give you business if they don't have trust in your website security. Your aggregated products, pricing & customer data is potentially vulnerable to hackers with bot protection.

Business Impact - What's at stake?

  • Loss of uniqueness due to scraped aggregated product listing and pricing
  • Direct loss of business from scraping aggregators
  • Loss of customer details and confidential information
  • Damaged business brand value due to customer distrust
  • Skewed website analytics and mis-leading marketing metrics
  • Lowered search engine rankings and heavily hampered SEO
  • Slow moving, poorly performing website for genuine visitors
  • Increased cost for bandwidth and server space

How InfiSecure Helps

bot detection

Web Scraping Protection

Stop competitive aggregators from stealing product and pricing data and convert more customers
Web Scraping Protection

Scale more Business

Build trust through bot protection and get more business from e-commerce companies
price scraping prevention

Protect Customer Data

Block bots from scraping customer contact details and email ids used for lead generation and hacking
protect user data

Improve Website Analytics

Separate bot traffic from genuine visitor traffic and improve marketing decisions
block fake bookings

Optimize Server Costs

Block bot traffic and allow only genuine visitors to access website and reduce infrastructure costs
block brute force attacks

Brute Force Prevention

Stop hacking attempts, account takeovers and fake bookings through compromised accounts

Robust security platform to detect and block security threats

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