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In e-commerce industry, competitors employ bots to commit frauds like price scraping, product matching, variation tracking, availability targeting, vendor data theft, user data theft and fake orders creation. Competitors use this scraped data for competitive pricing and other fraudulent purposes. The impact on e-commerce business can be substantial in terms of depressed sales or lost opportunities. Additionally, automated processes that constantly scan commerce sites for pricing data hit many pages and use up server resources.

InfiSecure offers real-time, user behavioral based bot detection and prevention technology that blocks web scraping bots in real time before they access your e-commerce website.

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Price Scraping

Using price scraping, product matching, variation tracking and availability targeting, your competitors generate a competitive pricing strategy to beat your prices and woo your customers away.

Product Catalog Theft

Your competitors are always on a run to add more product listings, some of which are generated through hard work, and some through scraping your listings.

Vendor Data Theft

Your vendors make you successful. Having unique vendors on your ecommerce portal is essential to drive more traffic. Holds true for your competitors as well.

Server Overload

Ever run a sales campaign when your website had gone down due to server capacity overload? This could be avoided if bad bots are blocked from hitting your ecommerce website.

User Data Theft

It gets serious when your user data is stolen by fraudsters for lead generation. Having user data brings huge responsibility of data protection and protection from hacking attempts, account hijacking, carding fraud and user data theft.

Fake Accounts & Orders

Fake accounts and fake orders are created by miscreants to pull down your business. With COD enabled, it is a major pain to service purchase orders coming through bots.

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