Stop Financial Data Aggregation

Detect Bots & Block Unauthorized Third-Party Access by Data Aggregators.

For many financial institutions, traffic from bots (aggregators, scrapers, crawlers) can account for up to 40-60% of their overall website traffic. Financial web scraping accounts to substantial intellectual property/data theft. Financial companies could lose confidential information to aggregators and it can be a subject of information leakage.

Banks, traders, asset managers, and insurers might know how much of their traffic is from bots, but what they may not know is the impact those bots may be having on their business. Financial institutions need a flexible framework to better manage their interaction with different categories of bots and the impact bots have on their business and brand. InfiSecure blocks unauthrorized aggregator bots before they scrape your confidential financial information.

Stop Financial Data Aggregation

Fraud comes in many forms

Protect Financial website from bots

Financial Web Scraping

Financial account aggregators scrape information from different bank accounts, investment accounts and credit card accounts. Companies lose confidential customer data to aggregators and also face performance issues when users access the same content simultaneously.
Upsell & Cross Sell Revenue Lost to aggregators

Upsell & Cross Sell Revenue Loss

Financial companies lose additional revenue when aggregator websites collect all customer financial data online, group them together, present to the customer on a single application interface to cross sell and upsell financial products.
hacking by bots

Vulnerability to Hacking

Small start-up aggregators and other financial aggregator companies cannot provide a comparable level of security and protection to clients as the banks. Aggregated customer data is potentially vulnerable to hackers.

Business Impact - What's at stake?

  • Performance issues by users accessing the same content via aggregators
  • Data on aggregator websites vulnerable to hackers
  • Direct loss of business from competitive scraping financial data
  • Loss of customer details and confidential information
  • Damaged business brand value due to customer distrust
  • Skewed website analytics and mis-leading marketing metrics
  • Lowered search engine rankings and heavily hampered SEO
  • Slow moving, poorly performing website for genuine users
  • Increased cost for bandwidth and server space

How InfiSecure Helps

bot detection

Block Automated Aggregator Bots

Know if a web request is made by a bot or a genuine user to eliminate the possibility of financial data aggregation
Prevent Competitive Scraping

Prevent Competitive Scraping

Prevent scraping of mortgage and other loan rates, investor relation information and trading data
Protect Confidential Data

Protect Confidential Data

Block aggregator bots from stealing customer and financial information and adhere to strict compliance
Improve Website Analytics

Improve Website Analytics

Separate aggregator bot traffic from genuine human traffic and improve marketing decisions
>Optimize Server Costs

Optimize Server Costs

Block aggregator & scraper bot traffic and allow only genuine users to reduce infrastructure costs
block brute force attacks

Brute Force Prevention

Stop hacking attempts, account takeovers and fake bookings through compromised accounts

Robust security platform to detect and block security threats

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