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How to Identify and block fake Listings on your Listing Portal

Real-estate listing portals are one of the most vulnerable websites to..

Your Ecommerce Website Is Getting A Lot of Traffic, But Less Sales?

From the immense web traffic data that we have collected at InfiSecure from our ecommerce customers..

Are Bots Good or Bad For Marketers?

When most of us think of bots, we think of the irritating spam bots that create fake accounts on Twitter..

Why You Need Web Scraping Protection For Your Website

Web scraping is the act of taking content form a website with the intent of using it for purposes outside..

6 Tips to Choose the Best Bot Protection Platform

Majority of web attacks with a measurable business impact rely on automation via bots..

7 Important Ecommerce Website Security Measures You Should Have In Place

If you run an eCommerce business, you’ll know that eCommerce sites are a major target for hackers..

How Much Should you Spend on your Website Security?

Ever wondered if your website is secure? Or do you even need to get secured? Having worked..

Top Online Bot Trends for 2016

Bad Bots are a single biggest threat to the web security landscape. As the bot number..

Alternative to CAPTCHA Solution for Websites

We spend several hours every week talking to website owners on ways to simplify user experience on their websites..

How can Ecommerce Marketers Set Up Effective Cart Abandonment Campaigns

If you are experiencing an unusual number of abandoned carts in your Abandoned / Live Carts report..

8 Must Have Ecommerce Website Features For Increased Sales

A well-designed ecommerce site means an improved overall brand image, more trust from customers..

Why Travel Websites Need Bot Protection

Online travel booking ranks among the most exciting and dynamic economic sectors on the planet..

How to Make More Money from Bitcoin Faucets

InfiSecure has been helping bitcoin faucet websites earn more money every month. Based on this experience..

Block Bot Traffic. Buy Genuine Leads!

Are you in the business of buying and selling traffic? Does your business involve buying traffic..

Do you really know your Total Website Traffic?

We at InfiSecure were approached by a customer with 400k-500k page views a day. What they wanted was to detect bad bots on their website and stop online fraud..

What are Online Bots - Top FAQs

Almost all online businesses have been affected by bots since their inception, in both good and bad ways..

Online Bots - Dominating More Than Half Of The Internet Traffic

Most website visitors aren’t humans, but are instead bots - or, programs built to do automated tasks..

5 Benefits of Bot Protection for Real Estate Listing Websites

Ever wondered how much would it cost for web scrapers to steal all the listings and user data from your real estate listing website?

How InfiSecure Solves the Bot Detection Problem for Online Businesses

Almost all online businesses have been affected by bots since their inception, in both good and bad ways..

10 Reasons Your Website Needs a Bot Protection Software

IT teams and marketing need to be aware that bots are always looking to infiltrate a website, steal content..

Stop using CAPTCHA. Move to the right platform!

CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) was..

Why Traditional Techniques Fail To Block Bots

We are living in the era of digital revolution with the internet at the epicentre, changing the way we read..

InfiSecure - Robust Web Security Platform Aims to Bring Online Bots Under Control

InfiSecure Technologies Pvt Ltd., has released a robust web security platform designed to give online businesses..

How InfiSecure Protects Online Classifieds from Bad Bot Attacks

When you run or manage a classified ad or listing website, you would surely appreciate the importance..

The Impact of Online Bots on Classifieds & Listing Websites

The lowered cost to build bots for web crawling coupled with readily available web scraping tools has led to a drastic..

The Impact Of Web Scraping On Real Estate Listing Websites

Real-estate listing portals are one of the most vulnerable websites to web scraping because..

E-Commerce - Cost Optimization by Preventing Bot Frauds

Online fraud using Bots on E-commerce websites has been a severe problem and is growing at a rapid pace..

Negative Impact of Online Bots on Digital Marketing

Measurement is what makes marketing a science, rather than a superstition. Digital marketing is a superfluous..

Online Bots - 5 Pointers You Need To Know

Be it a startup business or a large company, the significance of a robust bot protection strategy..