About Us
About Us

InfiSecure is a robust web security platform to detect and block online security threats. It is designed to give online businesses finely tuned control over bot traffic on their websites. It protects businesses from various online threats like content theft, hacking attempts, web scraping, price scraping, account hijacking, carding fraud, form spam and comment spam.

InfiSecure is built with a belief that businesses should be able to enjoy the benefits of the Internet without the fear of risk or compromise. It provides website security to all online businesses including e-commerce, listing websites and classifieds, blogs, digital media and other businesses that collect user and customer data.

Our Team

Abhilash Pandey

Co-founder, CEO

Sandeep Singh

Co-founder, CMO

Ashish Kumar Singh



Business Development Manager


Engineering Head


Lead Architect


Developer Lead


UI/UX Lead