Robust Security Platform for Your Website Accurate Protection Against Online Bots
Robust Security Platform for Your Website Accurate Protection Against Online Bots

InfiSecure blocks frauds before they hurt your business

Defend websites against scrapers, hackers and spammers with advanced bot detection technology and plug & play real-time automated protection

Quick Deployment

Integrate in 20 minutes with our customized API integration kits

Advanced Detection

Our focussed R&D approach provides for best bot detection

Real Time Protection

24x7 automated protection against bad and unwanted traffic

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Want to know how
bots affect
your business?

Enterprise capabilities in a modern package

Quick and seamless integration

With our ready integration kits and plugins, get started with active protection within minutes. Get 1:1 dedicated support during integration.

Real-time traffic details

Personalized dashboards for real-time traffic details reaching your server. Get complete details of all bot traffic with features to block and unblock individual bots at runtime.

Feature-rich product

Blacklist and Whitelist IPs, useragents, countries, domains and set advanced preferences for real-time bot detection to suit your needs.

Dedicated team & support

Dedicated account manager and technical support team to take care of your website when it is most needed.
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